After implementation of boundless efforts and hard work, Sanjana Park has successfully established its name as one of the fastest growing real estate company in Indore. Adhering to strict quality standards and working principles, we have not only included a great number of customers in the list but also have developed a strong bond of trust with them.
It is our commitment to excel in the real estate field and we make sure we live up to the commitment. We promise our customers to provide homes that are not just homes but a sheer reflection of quality. We build quality homes along with building a fruitful relationship with customers so that we could satiate them with the extra-ordinary offerings.
Our creations express quality, perfection, stature and fulfilment. It is our progressive attitude that we maintain customer relationships through providing them homes they could spend more time in and cherish the presence. We ensure our customers utter sense of contentment in each little offering we make, now and forever.

Mr. Sanjay K. Agarwal


Mr. Agarwal, pillar beneath the elevating success of Agarwal Group, has been leading the group towards the plethora of opportunities with an adamant attitude and undying spirit. He is a man of different facets who has been a driving force behind the laurels won by Agarwal Group in the extensive field of Real-estate.

What sets Mr. Agarwal apart is his "Born-Leader" identity. He is enthroned with the insight to foresee opportunities at places where chance apparently exists. His courageous demeanour leads him to follow his vision till fruition. He ideates, implements and innovates greater ideas to reinvent the future of Real-estate business.

Through the phenomenal initiatives in construction and flour industry, he has galvanized Agarwal group to excel beyond its capabilities to win-over conventional thinking on Real-estate grounds.

He has been shaping construction since 1990 when he began his career in the respective field. Before boarding on the inevitable journey of challenges, all he had was the inspiring traits of his father and sacred blessings of his mother which blessed him to begin his career at a tender age of 15. He was not even a graduate when he decided to follow the rock-hard paths of real-estate business.

He is a true professional at heart and adheres to rules and regulations when it comes to work. He believes in living up to his commitments and adopting a strategic business approach.

With a deep commercial insight, a level-headed approach to work and an audacious will-power, Mr. Agarwal has defied all odds and has flourishingly placed Agarwal Group on the pinnacles of progress.


"To contribute significantly to building the new Indore and become the world's most valuable real estate company."


"To build world-class real-estate concepts across six business lines with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service."

  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality
  • Ethical and professional service
  • Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.
  • To provide world-class services that lead to customer satisfaction.
  • To carefully plan growth and development in city.
  • Unwavering ethics and morals.
  • To provide great quality construction.

Saga Behind Building A Robust Empire

A group is the blend of individual efforts and an urge to progress further by respecting each others' sentiments. Agarwal Group is the true story of rags to riches which has eventually grown into an inspiring saga of success for the following generations.

Motivated by the phenomena of attaining growth by understanding each other and forging ahead the strategic decisions to fruit into aspired results, Agarwal Group has been a testimony of tenacious endeavours.

Agarwal Group is led by a formidable force and an undisputable ownership of a visionary approach Shri. Purshottam Kumar Agarwal who at his tender age accepted the business challenges to defy all odds and flagged-off his great business skills as the group chairman of the Agarwal Empire. He started with the business of booking trucks for coal transportation and since then he has never looked back.

With the continuous support of the Vice Chairmen, his brothers- Shri Vinod Kumar Agarwal and Shri. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, he started an endless journey towards triumph by maintaining a sheer belief in team-work.

Shri Vinod Kumar Agarwal, an exuberant businessman has been playing a key role in shaping the ardent business empire. He, by his professional approach to business decisions and an active involvement in regular business operations has taken the group a step ahead.

Taking hold of new business opportunities and turning them into pieces of advancement, Shri. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal has been a driving force behind taking the group towards the heights of succession. His level-headed approach to tough business situations has never been able to drag him off his vision.

Winning over challenges with the strength of team and laying strong foundations of victory in the form of diversified business portraits, Agarwal group has been standing strong on the three inevitable pillars behind the accelerated growth.

Being relentlessly involved in transforming the conservative business formulae, Agarwal group has been stayed in the frontline of technological innovation keeping pace with the business processes across central India.

Striving to be an idealistic business benchmark, Agarwal Group has expanded its business into diverse spheres like- Education (Schools and Colleges and Book publishing), High-end resort, Marriage Garden, recreation (Water Park), Flour Mills and quality real Estate Construction and development.

Some of the prestigious business ventures are stated below:

Commander Industries
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Commander Industries is one of the largest wheat flour production companies in India. It manufactures wheat flour and other wheat based products.

Chameli Devi Group of Institutions
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Chameli Devi group of Institutions are the educational bodies that provides undergraduate and postgraduate education. It offers all the courses of Engineering, Management and other professional courses. It is affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal and approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

Nakhrali Dhani
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Nakhrali Dhani is an ethnic village resort. It has been the mirror of Rajasthani and Malwai culture since 1996. Today, it has evolved as an authentic symbol of evening life.

Nakhrali Dhani Rajwadi
Nakhrali Dhani Rajwadi is a marriage garden along with various multi-purpose halls located at Rau, Indore. With catering capacity of over 1500 people, it is one of the biggest venues to celebrate any occasion.

Agarwal Coal Corporation
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Agarwal Coal Corporation is Flagship Company of the Agarwal Group with a turnover of more than three thousand crores. It is one of the largest importer and trader of coal in India.

Agarwal Public School & Chameli Devi Public School
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Agrawal Public School and Chameli Devi Public School are one of the most eminent schools of Indore. They have best teaching facilities, and they focus in over all development of their students.

Sanjana Cold Storage
As name suggests, Sanjana Cold Storages are various warehouses owned by Agrawal group that provides cold storage services.

Admanum finance
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This company is a vehicle finance company that is also Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed, offering high returns to its investors & share-holders. It has twenty-five branches running profitably in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Admanum Packaging
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Admanum Packaging Limited is a public limited company that manufactures packaging products. The company was established in 1998. Their Products includes woven sacks, woven fabrics and flexible intermediate bulk containers.